• Saving Paradise
    Genre: Drama
    Director: Jay Silverman
    Cast: William Moseley, Johanna Braddy, Mimi Kennedy, Shashanee Hall, Mary Pat Gleason, Paul Dooley, Bill Cobbs, Lawrence Pressman, James Eckhouse
    Saving Paradise is an inspiring story based on true events. A successful corporate raider is forced to return to his small town roots where he suddenly inherits his father’s nearly bankrupt pencil factory, which is the heart and soul of the struggling community. With the foreclosure deadline looming, he must decide to either let it close, sell it off or join the community’s fight to save it.
  • 3 Day Weekend
    Genre: Thriller
    Director: Wyatt McDill
    Cast: Maya Stojan, Morgan Krantz, Nathan Phillips, Scott MacDonald
    Deep in the woods, Ben stumbles upon Shan bound in the trunk of a car and before he can free her, his 3 Day Weekend turns into a complex mystery, left unresolved until the last shot of the film.
  • Paint
    Genre: Drama
    Director: Michael Walker
    Cast: Joshua Caras , Olivia Luccardi , Paul Cooper, Comfort Clinton
    Three friends from art school try to start their careers in the bizarre NYC art world. They quickly learn the life of an artist today isn’t the romantic idea they thought it was, but they have to deal with it if they ever want to make any money.
  • Adventures of Thomas and Felix
    Genre: Family
    Director: Micah Barber
    Cast: Bryce Gheisar, Delaney Wingrove, Macon Blair, Lee Eddy
    Thomas has a best friend: an imaginary friend Felix the Fox. His parents want him to make “real friends”, so they send him to summer camp. Thomas hates it there which inspires a late night escape and the adventure of a lifetime
  • Acquainted
    Genre: Romantic Adventure
    Director: Natty Zavitz
    Cast: Giacomo Gianniotti, Laysla De Oliveira, Raymond Ablack , Rachel Skarsten, Adelaide Kane
    Old acquaintances Emma and Drew run into each other at a bar and there is instant chemistry between them. However, both are already in relationships and now they both must decide to either stick with the love they know, or to take a chance on a love that could grow
  • Break Even
    Genre: Thriller, Action
    Director: Shane Stanley
    Cast: Tasya Teles, Brent Bailey, Erik Fellows, Alisa Reyes, Ivan Sergei, Steve Guttenberg , James Callis, Joanna Pacula
    Four friends find 50 million in cash while exploring a remote island, only to learn it was left by the DEA for the Cartel in a rogue deal. Now they must race back to civilization and launder the money while staying one step ahead of the two entities who will stop at nothing to get it back.
  • Here Awhile
    Genre: Drama
    Director: Tim True
    Cast: Anna Camp, Steven Strait, Joe Lo Truglio
    While dealing with her terminal illness, Anna returns home to reconnect with her estranged brother as she considers putting to use the Death with Dignity Act
  • Winter of Frozen Dreams
    Genre: Thriller
    Director: Eric Mandelbaum
    Cast: Dean Winters, Keith Carradine, Thora Birch
    Barbara Hoffman (Thora Birch) is a brilliant, beautiful college student by day working as a "masseuse" at a local massage parlor by night. In this true-life murder, mystery Barbara finds herself accused of poisoning two of her clients, men who had named her beneficiary in their wills. Police Detective Lulling (Keith Carradine) works diligently in trying to solve this intriguing, complex case and the results are fascinating.